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Associazione Culturale Anton Stadler  

Via XX Settembre 84 09016 Iglesias

C. F. 90014090923 P. IVA 03037550922

ABC Music

ABC Musica is an educational itinerary aimed at providing the basic tools for a conscious listening to art music, through the knowledge of the elements that constitute it, the forms and the works of the great composers.

The aim of the course is to promote and support a true musical culture as an indispensable asset in the formation of the person, so lessons will be open to both adults and children. An important path of cultural growth aimed at creating a more aware public, endowed with a critical spirit and capable of recognizing the quality of the countless musical proposals to which we are subjected each day, even unconsciously, expanding the range of our musical knowledge and thus becoming able to make more conscious and targeted choices, rather than passively passively.

The meetings are structured as concert lessons during which they alternate moments of listening to others of explanation and debate.

The speaker / moderator for each event is M ° Fabio Furia, however from time to time there will be several musicians who will propose different genres and repertoires, presenting each time a different musical instrument.

For 2019 the course will start from the month of May until December, on a monthly basis, and will consist of a total of 6 events each lasting about 2 hours, starting at 17.00, at the Municipal Library of Iglesias. It will be guests of consolidated musicians who will give practical demonstration of the concepts exposed during the lessons.

2nd appointment:


with Nicola Agus

March 2rth, Thursday | h 5 pm

Circolo ACLI

Via Crocifisso 90


Participation in the meetings is completely free.

To register, you can fill in the online form at the following address: download the document in pdf format (click here), fill it out and send it to or fill in the form at hand directly on the day of the meeting.

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