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Associazione Culturale Anton Stadler  

Via XX Settembre 84 09016 Iglesias

C. F. 90014090923 P. IVA 03037550922


Mare e Sardegna

It is a musical and theatrical show dedicated to the homonymous work of David Herbert Lawrence, well-known author of the novel "The lover of Lady Chatterley". In this text, the English writer narrates his trip to Sardinia, starting from Cagliari up to the inside of the island, in a sort of mythical-metaphorical itinerary, taking in the soul of the territory.

Thus in this production - entirely dedicated to Sardinia - narration, music and images tell the island; the words of Lawrence are flanked by the original music of Fabio Furia, while on the screens flow historical and current images of that physical and cognitive path through the most authentic Sardinia.

An important work of poetic-narrative and communicative research that proposes a vision of the island from a new point of view: not that of a Sardinian, but that of a European traveler, of a cultured and curious tourist who has visited it, loved , lived on his skin and decided to tell it.

On a strictly musical level, the project is even more ambitious, as it aims at offering the listener the suggestion of the landscapes of Sardinia, evoking scenes of life and culture of this land, describing it with purely musical means. Not Sardinian music but sounds and music of Sardinia.


The fotmation includes: Fabio Furia, bandoneonist, composer and arranger; Simeone Latini, actor, director and theatrical author; Marcello Melis piano; Gianmaria Melis violin; Giovanni Chiaramonte, double bass.

Omaggio a Piazzolla

A celebration moment of Astor Piazzolla, compisitional genius and inventor of the Tango Nuevo, who was able to dispel the myth that "Everything can change in Argentina, except the Tango."

An accurate music collage that reconstructs the life of the Argentinean musician and his stylistic evolution in interpreting and renewing tantalizing styles. A show devoted to the commemoration of the musical and revolutionary spirit of Piazzolla, able to retrace the melodies of some of the over three thousand songs composed by him, in homage to his engaging and engaging energy.

On stage: Fabio Furia, bandoneon; Simone Soro, violin; Massimo Battarino, doublebass and Marcello Melis, piano.



Buenos Aires Report

An ideal journey in the magical porten city, where the dimensions of time and space bend up to meet, guiding the listener in an exciting and seductive journey from the Tango "cancion" of Gardel, passing through Villoldo, Pedro Laurenz and Troilo, until to the jazz and avant-garde influences of Astor Piazzolla. The tango explored from its origins in the suburbs and brothels of Buenos Aires, up to its maximum evolution, transformed, revolutionized.

On stage: Fabio Furia, bandoneon and Marcello Melis, piano.



Corazon al Sur

The show tells the story of many Argentineans who left the South of the Pampas to seek their fortune in the city to the north, in Buenos Aires. The South as a metaphor of one's own country, of one's country so far and of which so much nostalgia for the many people coming from Europe is so strong. The south, its colors, the emblematic features of a people, the Argentine one, mirror of the world. The South, the simplicity of its people, the sun, the joy and the party. An evocative show to the rhythm of some of the most beautiful songs of traditional Tango, which retrace the story from Rodriguez to Villoldo, up to Troilo and Pugliese.

On stage: Fabio Furia, bandoneon and Marcello Melis, piano.


Nocturno a mi barrio

Argentina of the 1920s. Buenos Aires, the landing place of people in Europe in search of work and fortune. Different and desperate people, forced to find a common language that allows them an acceptable coexistence. Music as the only comfort. And with the dance music.

So the show combines music, dance and poetry creating an extraordinary union between Tango, played and danced, and the words of the many who, through the years, have elaborated the gap and difficulties putting on paper their suffering but above all the hope in a more humane future.

The show that, in a poetic and melancholic way, tells the story of emigration, of nostalgia and of distance, themes that are still current and in which so many recognize and identify themselves, finds, thanks to these characteristics, a strong consent from the public.

On stage: Fabio Furia, bandoneon; Simone Soro, violin; Massimo Battarino, doublebass and Marcello Melis, piano.