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Associazione Culturale Anton Stadler  

Via XX Settembre 84 09016 Iglesias

C. F. 90014090923 P. IVA 03037550922


SARDIGNA LOGU SONANTE | Sardinia Land & Sound

Château de Fargues, Le Pontet h 7 pm

Music and breathtaking views of Sardinia showcased in France, to enhance an environmental heritage and identity full of charm.

On Friday 11 October, within the concert season of the Avignon Conservatory, the cultural association Anton Stadler will present, "Sardigna Logu Sonante", an original and innovative project that combines images and music, fishing with both hands from the island's musical tradition (from rhythms de su ballu tundu to timeless tracks like No potho reposare), for a concert capable of turning towards jazz in different moments.

On stage to propose an unprecedented version of the sounds and rhythms of the island there will be the composer and bandoneonist Fabio Furìa and the pianist and composer Alessandro Di Liberto, with the participation of Yvonne Hahn, bandoneonist and teacher at the Conservatory of Avignon.

Accompanying the music will be the evocative video of the visual artist Matteo Campulla, born from video-photographic contributions sent between late April and late September by the participants in the action call published on the web by Anton Stadler.

The first of the three events is Friday 11 October at 7.00 pm in the Château de Fargues in Le Pontet. Admission is free.

🥂 After the show there will be a food and wine tasting of some wines from the Aru winery and the Cadoni company cheeses.

In the months of March and July 2020 the project will arrive respectively in Paris, host of the artistic residence "Partage" organized by the Gallery "ART en Partage" and the Festival of Avignon, with two new videos made by visual artists Massimiliano Marraffa and Federico Cozzucoli.


Teatro Electra, Iglesias | h 7 pm

From November 17th to December 15th the highly anticipated event dedicated to quality music returns. The XXI edition of the International Chamber Music Festival awaits you, as usual, in the beautiful setting of the Electra Theater in Iglesias with five unmissable events!
A rich program of exclusive concerts and exceptional musicians with the most refined music under the artistic direction of Maestro Fabio Furìa.

Guests of the first appointment entitled "Flautissimo" Silvia Careddu, flautist and Italian premiere to be admitted to the Wiener Philharmoniker and Itamar Golan, internationally renowned pianist who has collaborated with some famous musicians and played, also as a soloist with the Israel Philharmonic and the Philharmonic of Berlin.


Buy your ticket in the front row now. The subscription campaign has begun!

Discover the complete program.

For info: - +39 3425805156

ARTango & Jazz Festival | 10th ed. 2019

from 28th to 30th August, Calasetta

Also this year the summer event returns with the only review of the Sulcis Iglesiente entirely dedicated to Tango. A unique event, able to embrace art in its many forms, following a single thread: the tango, from tradition to its most contemporary jazz-style evolutions.
Exceptional guests and evocative atmospheres await you on 28, 29 and 30 August in the beautiful setting of Calasetta.


Terrace Museum of Contemporary Art

for beginners by the masters Antonello Pateri and Lucia Fiorillo.
(free and free admission)

Torre Sabauda square

h 10 pm | JAZZANDO
Emilia Zamuner, voice
Zack Alderman, accordion

The duo "Zaza" composed by Emilia Zamuner, one of the most successful and young voices of the international jazz scene, and Zack Alderman, world accordion diatonic accordion champion, will present a deeply jazz program dedicated to the greatest European and South American authors and composers, from Marrale in Piaf up to Piazzolla, Bacalov and Fernandez.
A refined itinerary that will guide the public through an exciting and unexpected musical journey.

Torre Sabauda square

h 10 pm | TALISMAN
Laurent Boutros, guitar
Julieta Cruzado, dancer

A show whose roots unfold in a journey across the continents between East and West with a repertoire ranging from Yupanqui, Ramirez and Satie to the original compositions of Laurent Boutros, inspired by the popular music of Armenia and other Caucasian countries. A unique experience in which the music blends with the innovative choreography of the dancer Julieta Cruzado in a dance expressed in the most intense way, through the "neoclassical" research of the gesture that transcends the simple interpretation.

For information: - +39 3425805156


17th August h 8.30 pm - Porto Flavia area

Thanks to the participation of extraordinary artists and the warm presence of a large public immersed in the magical scenery of the former mining area of ​​Masua, this year the "Tramonti di Porto Flavia" Festival reconfirms itself as the protagonist of the sulcitan summer.

We look forward to seeing you at the last, roaring event of the 3rd edition, Saturday 17th August, at 8.30pm, with the "Next Tango" concert by the Novafonic Quartet composed by Fabio Furia, bandoneon, Gianmaria Melis, violin, Walter Agus, piano, and Giovanni Chiaramonte, double bass.

Past, present and, above all, the future are condensed in this new production by Anton Stadler in which transversality represents the starting point of a musical journey made of research and experimentation that comes from the tango and then abandon to the technical complexity, rhythmics and harmonics of contemporary compositions. The bandoneon thus transcends from the tango to become the means by which to give voice to the music in its broadest sense, as an absolute art, without limits or labels of any kind.


Don't miss the coolest date of the Iglesias summer!
Buy your ticket now!

Seats are limited.

📌Before each event it will be possible to visit the mining site of Porto Flavia at a special price reserved for the public of "I Tramonti di Porto Flavia" (info +39 3483178065 -


COLORI & NOTE | 9th ed. 2019

10th and 23th August h 10 pm - Contemporary Art Musem, Calasetta

Colori & Note returns with a refined program dedicated to music and the celebration of the figurative arts, in a suggestive mélange of sounds and delicate colored nuances.
A 360 ° cultural experience in which the viewer becomes, at the same time, a visitor of the museum collections and of its original artistic installations.
Two unmissable concerts that will accompany you for an hour of great music!

We are waiting for you.



Luciano Pompilio, guitar
Veronica Granatiero, soprano



Marco Schiavo, piano
Sergio Marchegiani, piano
4 handed piano

For information: - +39 3425805156


3rd August h 8.30 pm - Porto Flavia area

After the success of the first concert with the Duo Noir, the appointments continue with "I Tramonti di Porto Flavia" on Saturday 3rd August, at 8.30 pm, in the magical setting of the former mining area of Masua.

Guest of the evening will be the Maurizio Di Fulvio Quartet composed by Maurizio Di Fulvio, guitar; Alessia Martegiani, voice; Ivano Sabatini, double bass; Davide Marcone, percussion, drums in "Latin Jazz and pop songs".

A versatile and eclectic musical mosaic whose warm and spontaneous temperament blends with refined and ornate improvisation, giving way to an unmistakable sound, always in the balance, between respect for tradition, research and innovation. An authentic saudade swing combined with Mediterranean fragrances linger in the proposed pieces, in which black jazz, Latin jazz, rock, classic colors and the sensitivity of four great performers of the current scene merge.

Don't miss the coolest date of the Iglesias summer!
Buy your subscription now!

Seats are limited.

📌Shuttle service available from Iglesias to Porto Flavia Round trip (for info and reservations - +39 3425805156)
📌Before each event it will be possible to visit the mining site of Porto Flavia at a special price reserved for the public of "I Tramonti di Porto Flavia" (info +39 3483178065 -



28th July h 8.30 pm - Porto Flavia area

Only a few days to go until the most awaited event of the Iglesias summer. The appointments with "I Tramonti di Porto Flavia" return, for the first concert, Sunday, July 28th, at 8.30 pm, in the magical landscape of ​​Masua.

Guest of the night will be the Noir Duo composed by Floraleda Sacchi, harp and Damiano Grandesso, saxophone in Cinemotion.
An unusual formation, able to amaze the public with a crossover repertoire in which the soundtracks of important cinematographic masterpieces blend with the themes of the most famous TV series. A program with infinite facets, extravagant and surprising, which will lead to the discovery of truly unusual sounds.


Don't miss the coolest date of the Iglesias summer!
Buy your subscription now!

Seats are limited.

📌Shuttle service available from Iglesias to Porto Flavia Round trip (for info and reservations - +39 3425805156)
📌Before each event it will be possible to visit the mining site of Porto Flavia at a special price reserved for the public of "I Tramonti di Porto Flavia" (info +39 3483178065 -



From 28th July to 17th August 2019

After the success of the previous editions, this year too the most awaited event of the Iglesias summer returns: three exclusive sunset shows in the magical landsacape of the former mining area of ​​Porto Flavia.

From July 28th to August 17th the appointment is with music and culture, through an itinerary to discover our wonderful territory.

Guest of the first concert, on July 28th, will be the Duo Noir (harp and saxophone) in CINEMOTION, a journey through the most famous soundtracks and TV series acronyms. Next, on August 3rd it will be the turn of Maurizio Di Fulvio Quartet (guitar, vocals, double bass, percussion, drums) with LATIN JAZZ AND POP SONGS, a journey through the sounds of Brazilian and jazz music. Finally, on August 17th, the undisputed protagonist will be the Novafonic Quartet (bandoneon, violin, piano and double bass) which will present NEXT TANGO, a program capable of going beyond the traditional conception of the tango genre.

Don't miss the coolest date of the Iglesias summer!

Buy your subscription now. Places are limited.

📍A shuttle service is available from Iglesias to Porto Flavia A / R (for info and reservations - 342/5805156)


📍Before each event it will be possible to visit the mining site of Porto Flavia at a special price reserved for the public of "I Tramonti di Porto Flavia" (for info 0781-274507).


2nd June 2019, h 7.00 pm

Sunday 2nd June 2019, at 7.00 pm, at the Auditorium of the Cagliari Conservatory will be held the big concert-show "BANDONEON" - IL RESPIRO DEL TANGO, made during the X edition of ARTango & Jazz Festival produced by the Anton Stadler Association. The protagonists of the stage will be great performers and artists including the legendary Juan José Mosalini, Fabio Furia, Yvonne Hahn, Gian Maria Melis, Giovanni Chiaramonte, who will form "The Tango Orchestra of Sardinia".
The choreographies, signed by Mariana Montes, will be performed by the dancers Sonia Deidda and Hatem Kakish.
An hour of great music with the masterpieces of Astor Piazzolla, Anibal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Mariano Mores, Julian Plaza, Horacio Salgan and many others.
Much more than a concert, a real experience able to hold the audience in breath for its entire duration. In the background an impossible love story, marked by tango steps of the two dancers and accompanied by the mastery of the Tango Orchestra of Sardinia.

The initiative is realized with the contribution of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and the Municipality of Cagliari (Department of Culture) and thanks to the partnership between the Cultural Association Anton Stadler, Chamber Orchestra of Sardinia, Maria Montes Tango Club and GP Conservatory of music of Palestrina of Cagliari.​



30th, 31st May - 1st June 2019

This year the V International Masterclass of Bandoneon, which will take place in the beautiful Teatro Elctra in Iglesias, will have the honor of hosting the great Argentinian bandoneonist M° Juan José Mosalini.

It will be possible to register on two different levels: basic and advanced. In the three days, those enrolled at the basic level, will be able to participate in collective lessons through bandoneon ensembles aimed at learning the rules and executive characteristics typical of the tango genre.

The advanced level will instead be based on at least two individual and personalized lessons, in which the repertoire chosen by the student will be dealt with both from a technical, stylistic and musical point of view.

The event is also open to those who wish to attend as auditors, upon payment of a participation fee.

"ABC musica!" 2019

From 17th May to 13th December 2019, h 5.00 pm

Also this year the usual appointment with "ABC Musica!" The event will be divided into six meetings, aimed at providing the basic tools for a conscious listening to art music:

- 17th May | Drums and Percussions - Filippo Gianfrido, percussion;

- 14th June | Running on the breath - Ilaria Vanacore, soprano and Maura Porru, piano;
- 13th September | The Musical - Matteo Martis, piano;

- 11th October | Dreaming of Broadway - Matteo Martis, piano;

- 8th November | The violin in history - Gianmaria Melis, violin and Maura Porru, piano;
- 13th December | Next Tango - Fabio Furia, bandoneon.
The appointments at the Municipal Library of Iglesias (via Diana side) will take place monthly (every 2nd Friday of the month).

We inform all those interested in the event that places are limited.



Concerti di Primavera 2019

First appointment 5th May h 7.30 pm

Sunday, May 5th at 7.30 pm, at the TEATRO ELECTRA in Iglesias, the 2019 concert season starts with "I CONCERTI DI PRIMAVERA", made in the context of "Iglesias Classica".

Guests of the first evening Dimitri Mattu, viola and Angela Oliviero, piano, who will perform with the program "La viola romantica" a journey through the music of R. Schumann, F. Mendelsshon, N. Rota, A. Piazzolla.

On May 12th, the pianist Louis Alvanis will present "The greatest masterpieces for piano", a classical repertoire taken from the most beautiful pages of piano literature, from J. S. Bach to F. Chopin and L.v. Beethoven.

Protagonists of the third and last appointment Roman Kuperschmidt, clarinet and Georgi Mundrov, piano. On the program "A bissele mazl, a bissele glick. The most beautiful Klezmer music" with pieces by B. Goodman, J. Jacobs, S. Secunda and traditional Klezmer and Balkan music.

Celebrate spring with three unmissable concerts full of cultured music!

Book your seat in the front row!

We are waiting for you!

For info and reservations - 342/5805156


From 28th October to 23dr December 2018

The XX edition of the International Festival of Chamber Music 2018 returns fromOctober 28 to December 23 at the Teatro Electra in Iglesias with six unmissable appointments! Scheduled exclusive concerts and exceptional musicians with the most refined music under the artistic direction of Maestro Fabio Furìa.
Special guest Anna Tifu, sublime interpreter of the most important and virtuosic pages of the violin repertoire.

Do not miss the chance to attend the most fashionable concert season of Sulcis Iglesiente.

Book your subscription, we are waiting for you!

For info and reservations


First appointment 20th May h 7.30 pm

Sunday, May 20th at 19:30, at the TEATRO ELECTRA of Iglesias, celebrates with us the twentieth anniversary of the International Chamber Music Festival. Do not miss the "CONCERTI DI PRIMAVERA" preview. Guests of the evening the DUO FORTECELLO, with Anna Mikulska, cello and Philippe Argenty, piano. In program music by M. Bruch, M. de Falla, A. Piazzolla, H. Villa Lobos.

You will be taken on an ideal journey from Armenia to South America, to Eastern Europe, France and Spain. Sounds and melodies between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Have not you seen one of our events yet? What are you waiting for ?!

Reserve your seat in the front row.

Treat yourself to the magic of an evening of cultured music.

We are waiting for you!


For info and reservations


"Concerti di Primavera" at Teatro Electra

From 20th May to 3rd June 2018

Celebrate with us the 20 years of the International Chamber Music Festival! Scheduled a rich program of events dedicated to great music!


From May 20 to June 3 at the Electra Theater in Iglesias "I CONCERTI DI PRIMAVERA". Three unmissable appointments and many beautiful initiatives!


Stay tuned!

Photo Contest #iglesiasmusiclandscape

From 28th April to 10th May 2018

Take part in the #IGLESIASMUSICLANDSCAPE photo contest!

From April 28th to May 10th 2018 take a picture in a suggestive place of Iglesias and surroundings where you would like us to organize one of our events and send it

On May 11th we will publish the album on our facebook page and until May 17th you can send your friends to vote on your photo. The photo that will get more like will be rewarded with 2 subscriptions for the preview of the XX International Festival of Chamber Music "I CONCERTI DI PRIMAVERA".



"ABC musica!"

From 16th March to 9th November 2018

ABC Musica!" returns, an unmissable event dedicated to public education. A real "spectator school" divided into eight meetings, aimed at providing the basic tools for a conscious listening to art music, through the knowledge of the elements that constitute it, the forms and the works of the great composers.

The appointments will be monthly (every 2nd Friday of the month) and will be held from March to November 2018 at the Municipal Library of Iglesias (via Diana) at 18.00.

We inform all those interested in the event that the places are limited.


The Anton Stadler Iglesias APP on GOOGLE PLAY STORE

The Anton Stadler Association app is finally available on the Google Play Store.All news on the events and musical festivals of Sulcis Iglesiente at your fingertips. Download the App for free at this address or use our QR code.

It's very simple, just one click!

Last appointment of XIX International Chamber Music Festival

17th December, h 7.00 pm

Sunday, 17th December at Teatro Electra of Iglesias closes the curtain on the XIX International Chamber Music Festival. Scheduled an evening that will feature some of the most representative artists of the Sardinian scene in the world: the saxophonist Gavino Murgia, the bandoneonist Fabio Furìa, the pianist Walter Agus and the actor Simeone Latini and original music by Matteo Martis. On stage the show "MADE IN SARDINIA: CANNE AL VENTO", an absolute preview of the new production by Anton Stadler and a tribute to the writer Grazia Deledda, on the 90th anniversary of the Nobel Prize for Literature.


Great start for the XIX International Chamber Music Festival, the unique chamber music event in Sulcis Iglesiente. The festival, which arrived last Sunday at its third date, once again proved to be the pride of the event planning of the Teatro Electra in Iglesias, gathering broad support from the public that is always numerous and attentive. Great participation also in the Mini-Festival dedicated to Primary and Secondary Schools of the first degree of the city, in order to encourage the music education and the culture of art music by the new generations.

On stage there have been several artists of national and international fame, giving life to engaging shows with a thousand facets able to range from refined classical sounds, to tango, to jazz and contemporary music. The musical performances will continue, atTeatro Electra in Iglesias as usual, with the last two events scheduled. Sunday 3rd December will be the time of Katharina Gross, cello and Matteo Falloni, piano in "Songs, Dances and Fairy Tales", a journey through the sounds of popular music and finally on Sunday December 17th will be on stage a Sardinian ensemble of great and well known artists: Fabio Furia bandoneon, Gavino Murgia saxophone, Walter Agus piano and the actor Simeone Latini in "Made in Sardinia: Canne al vento", an innovative production Anton Stadler result of a path of experimentation and research.


From 23rd July to 2nd August 2017

The overture of the chamber music festival will be held in the square in front of the entrance to the gallery of Porto Flavia (Masua mining site) and will be divided into three different events, during which will be guests internationally renowned artists.

The first two events will be dedicated to the unusual organic bandoneon and guitar. On 23rd July there will be a very refined concert in which the Spanish guitarist Carles Pons will play a leading role, as will the Argentinian bandoneonist Orlando di Bello. On 30th July will be the turn of duo formed by Alessandro Deiana, guitar and Fabio Furia, bandoneon, who will perform in a tanguero repertoire. The last summer event, on 2nd August, will feature a talented korean pianist, Juhnee Ethan Kim, winner of the 1st prize at the Horowitz International Music Competition 2017, which will enchant the audience with an impressive repertoire dedicated to the great classical music.

In addition, guided tours are planned within the mining site at a special rate.

III International Masterclass of Bandoneon - ARTango&Jazz Festival VIII edition

22nd - 26th August 2017

The Anton Stadler Association presents the third edition of the International Masterclass of Bandoneon, dedicated to beginners and advanced bandoneonists players, held by Juanjo Mosalini, famous bandoneonist and educator of Argentinian origins. A unique event that will attract the attention of the musical world linked to tango music, to Argentine tradition and to bandoneon. The masterclass will be held at Centro Velico in Calasetta, from 22nd to 26th August. An intense tour de force that will involve bandoneonists from all over Europe and beyond. At the end of the intense training program, on 26th August at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Calasetta, the students will perform a final concert of the course, during which they will demonstrate their skills.

ARTango&jazz Festival VIII edition

From 22nd al 27th August 2017

From August 22nd to 27th 2017 do not miss the events of the VIII edition of ARTango & Jazz Festival! This year at the start of the 3rd International Masterclass of Bandoneon and to follow prestigious concerts! We are waiting for you!

Colori & Note

22nd - 29th July 2017

Finally starts again "Colori & Note" festival, organized, as usual, by the Cultural Anton Stadler thanks to the collaboration of the administration of the city of Calasetta. Art and music will be the protagonists of the evenings on the terrace of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Calasetta. Find out more!

LEB SARD FESTIVAL - Music for mediterranean dialogue

19th - 20th May 2017

The Anton Stadler Cultural Association organizes for spring 2017 LEB SARD FESTIVAL, a project of cooperation between Mediterranean countries, in which music becomes the glue and universal language aimed at contributing to the mutual knowledge and dialogue between the peoples of the Mediterranean.

The initiative is funded by the European Community through the Anna Lindh Foundation and involves Sardinia, through the participation of the writing association, project partner, and Lebanon, through Zico House, the project's lead institution.

The Municipality of Iglesias is partner of the event, which will take place at the premises of the Monteponi Mine on the days of 19th and 20th May 2017.

The project will involve some schools of the city and some students of the G. P. da Palestrina Conservatory of Cagliari, which will compose pieces specifically for the show and will perform together with the famous Lebanese soprano Hiba Al Kawas and the Sardinian bandoneonist Fabio Furia. A unique opportunity to meet two geographically not very distant, but culturally very different worlds, aimed at mutual knowledge.

Stay social! Be tuned!

26th september 2017

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